FBC Vision for 2019

Here at FBC Conroe, we’re on a journey together.  We’re a church with a wonderful history, amazing people, and we’re sitting in the center of a growing region, led by a God who never stops seeking the lost.  But when our current ministry staff took our first retreat in the Fall of 2016, we knew our church needed a DNA transplant.  We wanted to see God bring us back to being a church that transformed ordinary people into world-changing disciplemakers.  In other words:

–Instead of seeing the church as a place we go to hang out with others like us, we will begin seeing it as a group of people who are called to transform our city through the power of Christ.

–Instead of seeing Sunday mornings as a time for us to get fed, encouraged and comforted, we will see them as a time to get equipped for God’s purpose in our lives.

–Instead of thinking of the church in terms of programs, we start thinking of it in terms of people—the people Jesus wants to reach through us.

–Instead of seeing ourselves as a minority group holding on to some important traditions, we will begin seeing ourselves as missionaries to the places we live, work, and go to school.

We’ve been praying that God would make this change in us over the course of three years.  We’ve been focusing on connecting people to God, helping them to grow into His image, and equipping them to reach others in His name.  We’re now two years into that vision, and we’ve seen some exciting changes in us already.  But in this third year, we want to strive for more of Him than ever before.  We want to challenge our people to make the greatest commitment to Christ they’ve ever made.  In other words, we want to be All In.

So this year, we are challenging every FBC member to commit to four actions:

I will read the entire Bible.

I will pray daily for the people in my life who don’t know Jesus.

I will engage in mission work outside the church walls.

I will commit to greater generosity.

Don’t worry, the details are coming; we’ll provide you with a Bible reading plan, a specific way to identify and pray for people in your life who need Jesus, mission opportunities, and a specific challenge regarding generosity.  But for now, consider this: We believe a church full of people who are pursuing these four goals will be a church that grows spiritually like never before.  We can’t wait to see what God will do with such a church.  Will you join us?  Are you All In?

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