Exodus preview

All In Study Notes: Exodus

Exodus is the second book in the Pentateuch (five books) that start the Bible and tell the story of God creating a chosen nation in Israel from which to share His love with the entire world. Exodus is the account of how the children of Israel, some 400 years after Joseph first brought them to Egypt, escaped from slavery.   The main character, other than the Lord, is Moses, the unlikely liberator.  You will read of memorable events like Moses meeting God for the first time, the plagues upon Egypt, the night of Passover, parting the Red Sea, and eating a previously unknown food called manna.  In Exodus, God also makes His covenant with His people, including the Ten Commandments.


Themes to look for:

God wants us to know Him by personal experience.  33:11

The Lord is the One True God.  This was a revolutionary thought when Exodus was written.  It still is.

God demands obedience.  The Law is there for our good.  He is a good Father.

God demands exclusivity.  He will not abide competition for our hearts.

God demands holiness.  Two ways this is seen: 1) People could not casually approach God.  Needed a system to get right with Him.  2) He was making a holy people.  But He demanded they be distinct.  That was the main point of the Law.

God demands both justice and compassion.  The Law is a balance between punishing guilt so as to eliminate injustice from society, and taking care of the hurting.  He wants both from us.

Spiritual leadership is hard work.  Moses’ story resonates with anyone who leads.  People are the most frustrating part.  Why don’t they get it?


The Gospel in Exodus

Knowledge of Exodus is key to understanding the New Testament from a Jewish perspective.  So many details of Exodus find their fulfillment in the four Gospels, it is hard to list them all, but here are some main themes:

We need a deliverer.  Hebrews 3 talks about how Jesus is the greater Moses.

We need a mediator between us and God.  Jesus is our Great High Priest.

The Passover Lamb: A picture of how God would one day save us through Christ’s death.

The Tabernacle: A place where Heaven and Earth come together.  That is a picture of Jesus.

The Covenant: A reminder that we can’t save ourselves.  Jeremiah 31 foretells a New Covenant in Him.

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